• 1.Project Discussion

    Initial discussions with the client to understand their project goals and requirements.
  • 2.Requirement Analysis

    Analyzing and documenting the client's requirements in detail.
  • 3.Requirement Finalization

    Finalizing the requirements with the client to ensure everyone is on the same page.
  • 4.UX/UI Design Finalization

    Designing the user interface and experience of the software, and finalizing it with the client.
  • 5.Quotation Approval

    Presenting a quotation to the client for their approval.
  • 6.Agreement Signup

    Signing an agreement with the client to start the development process.
  • 7.Code Level Development

    Writing the code for the software according to the agreed-upon requirements and design.
  • 8.Module and Device Integration

    Integrating different modules and devices to create a cohesive software system.
  • 9.CRP Tasting

    Conducting testing and gathering feedback from the client through a Controlled Release Program (CRP).
  • 10.Bug Fixing

    Fixing any issues or bugs discovered during the CRP testing phase.
  • 11.Data Migration (If Needed)

    Migrating data from the client's existing software system to the new one, if needed.
  • 12.Dry Run

    Testing the software in a production-like environment to ensure its stability and functionality.
  • 13.GO Live

    Launching the software to the public or the client's users.
  • 14.Project Delivery to Concern

    Delivering the completed software to the client.
  • 15.Support and Maintain

    Providing ongoing support and maintenance to the software to ensure its longevity and effectiveness.